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Stoneman Funeral Service: Urns and keepsakes.

Wooden urns.

For these urns we use Indian Rosewood, also known as Sisu or Sheesham which is one of the finest quality woods available for import today, for turning this style of urn. These designs stand out for sheer stylish simplicity combined with striking decorative features.

Wooden urn

HU 201

2.5L volume : 2.7kg
30cm x 17cm

Wooden urn

HU 202

3.9L volume : 2.6kg
19cm x 28cm

Wooden urn

HU 203

2.2L volume : 2.0kg
25cm x 16cm

Wooden urn

HU 204

2.7L volume : 2.0kg
24.5cm x 19cm

Wooden urn

HU 206

3.1L volume : 2.0kg
26cm x 17cm

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